Token Swap in DEX

You can trade NEWTON to ONIT in Uniswap pool.

Connect your Metamask wallet on UNISWAP and add a token.

What is UNISWAP?

UNISWAP is a distributed financial protocol used to exchange cryptocurrencies. This protocol supports decentralized exchanges that allow automatic transactions between cryptocurrency tokens in the Ethereum blockchain through the use of smart contracts.


You may need to input ONIT’s address and NEWTON’s address.

Contract Address

  • ONIT : 0x410e731c2970Dce3AdD351064AcF5cE9E33FDBf0

  • NEWTON : 0x8eA01766a118E9BcB6032dc9b3DA66b80fE1c31c

✌ Input the amount of ONIT/NEWTON you want to swap. And confirm the transaction.

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