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INNO NFT Marketplace Introduction

NFT Marketplace

Compared to the last version of the marketplace, the newly released INNO NFT Marketplace has significant improvements. Normally, many users suffer from high trading fees caused by the NFT marketplace.

However, INNO NFT Marketplace does not take any trading fee. Since ONBUFF has made various partnerships with IP-based companies, there will be lots of unique IP-based NFTs listed including ONBUFF original NFT, collaborated IP-based NFT, and Ragnarok Labyrinth game NFT. Especially, users will be able to purchase various Ragnarok IP NFTs with various utilities for game playing.

Moreover, we aim to build a user-friendly marketplace so we put lots of effort into clear and simple UI/UX. This will leads users to feel comfortable in using our marketplace. In our brand new INNO NFT Marketplace, users can connect their INNO wallet to trade in INNO NFT Marketplace. INNO wallet is the key wallet service in our ecosystem which afford various services such as storing, transaction, identification, etc.

For now, there are two ways of trading NFT in the INNO NFT Marketplace which is an auction and immediate purchase. However, we are planning to add various features for user convenience including reselling.

đŸĒINNO NFT Marketplace menu information

  • 🕹ī¸ GAME x NFT Ragnarok Labyrinth NFT Game Items and character NFTs

  • ✨ INNO x NFT ONBUFF original NFT products

  • đŸĒ‚ IP x NFT Collaborated NFTs with our partners: SNK, ICONIX, Gravity, etc

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