How to Exchange

You need to create a MetaMask wallet first in order to do trade on DEX.

☝ Please add a token to the MetaMask.

👉 MetaMask

Contract Address

  • ONIT : 0x410e731c2970Dce3AdD351064AcF5cE9E33FDBf0

  • NEWTON : 0x8eA01766a118E9BcB6032dc9b3DA66b80fE1c31c

1-1. After accessing Metamask, click Import Tokens at the bottom.

1-2. In the Custom token tab, enter the contract address of the token in Token Contract Address.

1-3. Press Add Custom Token to add a token.

1-4. Now you can see the token holdings in my Assets.

Please check if the network is Ethereum Mainnet.

Please double check your wallet address of Metamask

You can copy the wallet address to the clipboard by clicking your address.

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